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The High Frequency (HF) AC Susceptometer


Electronics Sensor



AC susceptibility measurements of solids, powders and liquids at frequencies up to 10 MHz Determine the size distribution of magnetic nanoparticles using an algorithm included in the software of the DynoMag (including both Brownian and Néel relaxation) Dynamic magnetic analysis in the field of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) Detect the Néel relaxation of single-core particle systems Measurement of magnetic soil properties in geophysics
Magnetic measurement Size distribution determination Geophysics

Manufacturer's Description

The HF AC susceptometer system is a AC susceptometer for measuring the dynamic magnetic properties of liquids, powders and solids. The excitation frequency range is from 25 kHz up to 10 MHz with a resolution in volume susceptibility 4.10-5 (SI units) at 100 kHz and field amplitude 30 µT.

The HF AC susceptometer system was developed at Swedish ICT Acreo – Sensor Systems since 2008 internally and in a EU FP7 project Nano3T. The Nano3T project was focused on studying and optimizing MNPs for magnetic hyperthermia. Together with the DynoMag system we are able to detect the dynamic magnetic properties of magnetic material in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 10 MHz, thus we cover mostly all of the interesting magnetic relaxations of magnetic nanoparticle systems.