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Construction Decoration

Smart glass


Reduced undesirable heat influx Stepless change of light transmission Automatically or manually controlled Improved indoor comfort Reduced solar reflection Less sun glare Access to daylight No need for external solar protection Sound reduction Energy efficiency Sustainability

Energy Consumption Reduction Sustainability Reduced heat influx Reduced solar reflection Electrochromic glazing

Manufacturer's Description

Intelligent, smart, switchable or dynamic. Regardless of what you call it, intelligent glass has an obvious place in a world where concrete walls gradually are being replaced by glass façades. There are currently a couple of suppliers worldwide that offers their specific version of intelligent glass.

So, what exactly differentiate ChromoGenics intelligent glass ConverLight® from other alternatives on the market? Our unique technology, that is based on electrochromic glazing, doesn’t just offer superior solar control and light transmission in contact with direct sunlight. Using electrochromic materials open up for a variety of other features.

ConverLight intelligent glass allows for constant access to necessary sunlight, without risk of jeopardizing the indoor climate. ConverLight reduces undesirable heat influx of solar radiation, preserving the desired temperature in the workplace every season of the year. Our intelligent glass reduces energy consumption, cuts overall maintenance costs, offers a sustainable solution and increases architectural freedom.

ConverLight promotes modern glass architecture and can be combined with several glass functions. We can deliver ConverLight as bent glass, an insulated glass unit and other shapes such as triangle, round, polygon etc. The dynamic glass solution consists of two tempered glass panes and a laminate layer, and the glass sections can be as large as 1.55 x 4.40 m.