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Reverse Osmosis Filter with Mineralization


Environment Water and Wastewater

Reverse Osmosis


Waste water purification Drinking water


• World-leading DOW Filmtec ™ Membrane (USA) • 6 steps in water treatment including mineralization • 11.8 liters of drinking water per hour • Up to 7 liters of storage tank • Excellent taste on the water thanks to the coconut shell filter • Two handles tap – for purified water and mineralized water • Warranty up to 36 months Benefits of using the filter: • Source of absolute clean and safe drinking water perfect even for toddlers • Dishes made with water contain enough vitamins, which is crucial to health. • Coffee beans and tea leaves open their flavors and aroma in the purified water. • With the water you get the essential minerals that you need • Household appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, humidifier, etc.) are protected from coatings. • The purified water can be used to water the flowers Filter Components: filter module Storage tank in metal (general volume 11 liters, effective volume up to 7 liters) Stylish 2-way handle for the crane “Modern” for purified water Included feed water adapter with feed valve for connection to the water flow Crane valve on the storage tank Set of color pipes (4 pcs.) For convenient filtration installation Connection socket for filter to drain Set of replacement prefilter (1st, 2nd, 3rd step) DOW Filmtec ™ membrane 75 GPD (280 liters per day) Service keys for replacement of filters and diaphragms The filter comes with a 2-way crane, which provides commonly cleaned water for cooking and hot drinks and mineralized water for drinking.

Removal of Toxic Pollutants

Manufacturer's Description

Reverse osmosis is the most effective technique for drinking water treatment. It reduces the pollution by 99.8%, removing odors, flavors and virus particles. The water becomes clear, clean, safe and safe for human health, both for adults and for children. In addition, the use of reverse osmosis filters is one of the most cost effective methods for water purification.