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Construction Masonry Materials



– closure of surgical insicions -_seal tissue – skin transplants – cartilage – carrier of anti-bacterial substances Medical grade MAP – anti corrosion treatment – anti corrosion primer formulations – other technical applications Technical grade eMAP
Surgery Anti-corrosion treatment Skin transplants


MAP contains functional groups that have the ability to bind to a variety of materials and also to form covalent bonds between protein molecules. Some of the binding groups are redox-active. Just as for the mussel in its real environment this will occur also on wet surfaces. MAP can thereby form a strong bond to human tissue and close surgical cuts by binding and crosslinking both to the tissue and itself. No stiches are needed and risk for inflammation and scars are dramatically reduced. On metal surfaces it binds strongly and crosslinks to a nano-thick surface layer. By enhancing the redox function this layer will give the surface a very efficient corrosion protection and can be used as an anti corrosion primer.

Manufacturer's Description

MAP is the Mussel Adhesive Protein, a harmless, naturally produced protein molecule from mussels with unique properties. It is used to close surgical cuts, heal wounds and protect steel from corrosion in hars environments. MAP is the moluecule that binds the biological mussel to different kind of surfaces. It binds together biological tissue extremely efficient in a fully biocompatible way and it also bind strongly to metal surfaces and crosslinks to form a strong nanofilm at the surfaces it binds to. MAP is a harmless green biological molecule that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It comes from mussels in the sea which play an important ecological role in its way to improve the purity and stability of seawater