Registration Date 18 Aug 2018
Revision Date 18 Aug 2018

Anti-EGFR imaging agent


Medicine Tissue Engineering Product Number : 10.2023.01.0005



multi-specific formats enabling bi-specific binding and extended half-life site-specifically modified drug conjugates with excellent tox profile and high tumor uptake, and biodistribution flexibility and good tissue penetration to reach targets that are difficult to reach for antibodies. The small size of the Affibody® molecules gives the opportunity for superior sub cutaneous formulation, with ten times higher dose per injection volume, compared to mAbs.

Good tissue penetration Biodistribution flexibility Sub cutaneous formulation

Manufacturer's Description

Affibody® molecules are a novel class of antibody mimetics with superior characteristics surpassing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody fragments. The company has created a large library consisting of more than ten billion Affibody® molecules, all with unique binding sites, from which binders to given targets are selected. Affibody® molecules are only 6 kDa in size, have an inert format (no Fc function), and have already successfully been tested in humans as targeting moiety. In addition, the inherent properties of Affibody® molecules hold promise for more efficacious blocking by using multi-specific constructs.