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AD Nano Aqueous Cleaner and Oil Dispersant


Home Appliance Housecleaning

Multifunctional Cleaner


plastic, rubber, metal, fabric, paint, wood & ceramic
Paint Plastics Rubber Metals All types of fabrics Wood Ceramic


Non-hazardous Non-ionic Non-caustic Non-reactive with chemicals Non-toxic Non-flammable Non-VOC Non-photo-reactive Does not contain ozone depleting substance Safe for people, plants, animals, marine life and the environment Safe for use with plastic, rubber, metal, fabric, paint, wood & ceramic 1 Simple to use Affordable & recyclable Unlimited shelf life Safe to transport with no special storage space needed No need for safety gear or protective clothing Absolutely safe for human, animals, marine life plants & the environment Contains no EPA pollutant or volatile organic compound Non- hazardous, non-flammable & non-photo reactive Non-corrosive, non-caustic & non-fuming, non-chemical odours Will remove bacteria from cleaned surface Safe for silk, drapery, carpet, ceramic & wood Will not degrade metal, glass, rubber, vinyl, plastic & fiberglass material Will protect rubber, fiberglass, plastic & ceramic Acts as rust inhibitor and protect ferrous metal Able to remove oxidization from rubber surface Able to remove algae, mold & mildew Use as additive in personal hygiene products Use as insect repellent & in pest control Use in animal wash & pet wash to control fleas Use in vegetable & fruits wash to maintain freshness Use for maintaining choked-free drain pipes in kitchens Use as clean air solvent in public toilets & refuse bins Use as marine oil dispersant Use as duty control in clean industrial environment Use as metal working & cutting lubricant

Non-toxic Durability Mildew Prevention Algae Resistance Non-corrosive No VOC Mold Resistant Bacteria removal Plant-based Non-flammable Non-photo-reactive Non-chemical odours

Manufacturer's Description

Derived from plant-based formulation made from seed esters, non-ionic linear ethoxylate based surfactants, monoethanolamine (fully-reacted), tall-oil fatty acid.

AD NANO is an effective and safe All-Purpose Cleaner & Oil Dispersant for use on any surface compatible with water. It contains and uses the hyperactive colloidal particles (micelles) to penetrate and dislodge fat, oil, grease,protein and sugar from the surface.
AD NANO simply works by causing organic substance containing hydrocarbon molecules to repel from the surface, suspended within the cleaning solution and easily removed by rinsing with water