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MIMOS Wireless Atmosphere for Integrated Systems (Mi-WARIS)


Electronics Sensor



A robust and reliable wireless atmosphere that integrates smart sensors, wireless communications and a management system for environment monitoring and management. Industries: Environment, Medical & Healthcare, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Utilities, Automotive, Oil & Gas
Agriculture Automotive Medicine Petroleum Environmental monitoring Management system


High Availability Mi-MESA Multi-Mesh proprietary bandwidth management allows Mi-WARIS to ensure uninterrupted operation through smart redundancy implementation.  Robust for Indoor and Outdoor Usage Mi-Sensor can be deployed in harsh outdoor or stringent indoor environments to ensure seamless communication and transmission of crucial sensor data from the field to the user via real-time and remote monitoring.  Scalability MIMOS UI Dashboard with Intelligent Decision Support System (UI Dashboard) allows uninterrupted access to all sensor data on any smart device. UI Dashboard also prevents any technology lock down through the use of non-proprietary and nonlicensed bandwidth.


Manufacturer's Description

Wireless communication forms the backbone of IoT (Internet of Things) realisation and is fast
becoming prevalent in everyday life. MIMOS Mi-WARIS further enhances wireless communication through its proprietary intelligent bandwidth management, security and
multi-protocol adaptation.

Via Mi-WARIS, enhancement of human wellbeing and environment awareness are served by a network of smart sensors that can immediately respond to changes and aid efficient allocation of resources toward a safer and greener environment.

MIMOS Mi-WARIS is a wireless fabric which utilises a line of wireless broadband infrastructure (MIMOS Mi-MESA) that includes variants such as HybridHSPDA and Multimesh and smart sensors such as temperature and humidity. Mi-WARIS can be adapted for a multitude of industries with many settings and purposes, is cost-effective and flexible to cover a variety or