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Titanium Nitride

TiN Nanostructure Coating CAS Number : 7440-31-5


Piping Metal valves Sport goods Metal dining utensils Glasses frame Metal table and chair Knob on Decorative accessories (jewelry, mirror and candlesticks, etc.)
Pipelines Sports equipment Decorative accessories Metal table Metal dining utensils Metal valves Knob on


The coating’s average thickness of 40 nanometers. Increase in hardness of stainless steel from about 150 Vickers to about 750 Vickers by TiN coating. Nanostructured TiN layer with high hardness. Nanometric thickness of TiN layer with good adhesion, produced by fast and economic process.

High Adhesion Hardness

Manufacturer's Description

This product is stainless steel coated with nanostructured titanium nitride (TiN) layer with nanometric thickness, using physical vapor deposition (PVD) method. Thin film transition metal nitride coatings such as TiN have wide industrial applications in the field of hard protective coatings, diffusion barriers in semiconductor technology, and decorative and optic applications. The most important property known for decorative coatings is their color and TiN is the most well-known hard decorative coating. Coating TiN on a smooth substrate creates an attractive appearance which its high hardness and wear resistance make it more durable than gold. Such hard decorative TiN coatings have applications in pipelines, sporting goods, appliances, metal bars, frames, knobs and other similar applications in which the coating is exposed to wear, erosion and corrosion during use and cleaning.