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Building Facades Gold Steel Sheet


Construction Structural Materials

Steel sheet


Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium Nitride

TiN Nanostructure Coating CAS Number : 7440-31-5


Interior and exterior facade of buildings, elevators and other decorative applications


Better corrosion, abrasion and erosion resistance

Corrosion resistance Abrasion Resistance Erosion Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

The design of the building facade can be considered one of the most prominent architectural design services. It can be said that the facade is very important in every building, because it is the first part of the building to be exposed, and it will be very effective in creating the initial mentality of someone entering the building. The interior design of the building is also of great importance today. This is so important that interior design, even today, has been raised as an academic discipline and is considered as a career in today's societies.

With the advent of this science, the use of special designs and colors in interior and exterior decoration is welcomed by manufacturers and buyers. 

One of the newest designs is the use of golden elements made of stainless steel with TiN gold coatings. These Ceramic coatings, in addition to the strength and mechanical properties, also provide good corrosion resistance. All these properties are necessary for coatings of facades especially metallic ones which are exposed to corrosive and abrasive condition and would be destroyed. In addition, the gold color of this coating makes it interesting for construction bodies and to make them more beautiful. There are different methods to apply TiN coatings on substrates. Physical vapor deposition (sputtering, electron beam and arc) and chemical vapor deposition are two common methods. Every method causes specific properties in the coatings. For instance, PVD have high velocity of production, so according to desired properties which are expected and possibility of applying a method, the appropriate technique would be chosen. Arc-PVD is a kind of physical vapor deposition technique in which an electric arc is used to vaporize material from a cathode target. The vaporized material then condenses on a substrate and forms a thin film, common methd for these kind of materials (hard ceramics).