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Biodegradable and Resistant Plastic Bag


Food Packaging

plastic bag


Groceries Supermarkets Carrying goods Greengroceries
Groceries Supermarkets Carrying goods Greengroceries


For evaluating the strength of these bags, tensile strength test was carried out using standard ASTM D882, “Method for tensile standard test properties of thin plastic sheeting” on witness sample and the sample containing Nano particles. Higher tear strength, elongation at break and yield stress is indicator of better performance of final product and generally better strength.

Tear resistance Biodegradability Tensile strength

Manufacturer's Description

Nowadays plastic bags have become very useful in everyday life. One of the properties required for these bags is tensile and tear resistance in a way that it can weight of the goods in it without being torn.

Plastic bags cause environmental contamination due to their unbiodegradable characteristic. Under shadow of some environmentalist and governmental organizations, the idea of biodegradable plastic bag production gained a large social attention. As usage of biodegradable polymers for production of this kind of bags, they won’t have good tensile strength. Technically this problem could be solved using Nanotechnology.

Plastic bags produced by this company enjoy better strength in addition to biodegradability in compare with same products.

Material: LLDPE, HDPE
Polymer grade: biodgradable
Color: Available in different colors
Size: different size available