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Benita Antibacterial Chador


Textile Clothing



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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4
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Zinc oxide

ZnO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-13-2


This product is available in chadors in different models: Traditional chador, student chador, Lebanese Arabic chador, authentic Arabic chador, Qajar chador and shader chador are six types of chadors popular among veiled women.


The final product was washed 10 times by relying on the INSO 7664. This product shows high antibacterial activity according to INSO 11070 (Textiles- Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products). Antibacterial activity is an indicator of the product ability to eliminate bacteria. It is obtained by comparison of bacteria number present on control and nanometric samples after 24 hours’ exposure. According to standard, When the antibacterial activity of the product is between 2 and 3, the effectiveness is good. If antibacterial activity is greater than 3, the effectiveness is intense and strong.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fungal Activity Deodorization Microorganisms removal

Manufacturer's Description

The chador is one of the traditional coatings in our country, Iran and other Islamic societies. Like other clothes, this type of cover can be a place for the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. For this purpose, the use of antibacterial agents in the tissue or in the further stages of sewing the clothes, especially the chador, will help to prevent the spread of microorganisms and bacteria. A group of antibacterial agents recently considered by manufacturers in various industries are nanoparticles with antibacterial properties. In the meantime, ZnO nanoparticles have the potential to eliminate a large number of bacteria and fungi. Cultural Research Institute of Hijab and Perfume Producing a variety of chadors, has used antibacterial nanoparticles in its products and a variety of chadors with antibacterial properties to the market.