Registration Date 30 Sep 2018
Revision Date 30 Sep 2018

Hydrophobic Spray of Metal Surfaces


Construction Masonry Materials

Intelligent / Photocatalyst Coating


Car body kitchen and bathroom surfaces Metal surfaces exposed to rain
Automotive Metals Bathrooms Kitchen


Avoid changing the appearance of metal surfaces Increase corrosion resistance It prevents the formation of chlorine spots on metal surfaces No need for continuous washing and use of acid-based detergents

Corrosion resistance Waterproof Contamination control

Manufacturer's Description

Continuous water contact with various materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, construction materials, etc., can be troublesome in our various working environments. As a result, different coatings have been developed to produce hydrophobic properties on surfaces. The hydrophobic and nanoscale coatings are completely transparent and can be used on different surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metal, etc.

This coating is effective on all metals including steel, aluminum, chromium, copper, rice and, in general, all metals that are highly corrosive. It is also suitable for metal surfaces used in sanitary facilities and the fight against stains due to the drying of water on them. With this product does not require any continuous washing and acid detergents.

Overall, avoid changing the appearance of metal surfaces, avoid creating chlorine spots on metal surfaces, increasing corrosion resistance and increasing life and no need for continuous washing and the use of acid detergents can be considered as the benefits of this product.

In this product, using nanotechnology, hydrographic metal surfaces are created.