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Turbine Inlet Air Filter


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Turbine Inlet Air Filter


The air filter has various applications. This product is particularly used for turbine inlet air filtration.


Turbins inlet air filter are containing electrospining polymeric nano fiber and has high dust absorbtion capability. Nanofibers due to large surface area, high length to width ratio with low density causes great particlecollection during the cleaning process leading to increase in the filtration efficiency. The mechanism is that the thin layer of nanofiber web forms a barrier for particles while allowing the air to “slip” through the large volume of small pores. The large surface area of the nanofibers traps smaller particles, while air slips through the particles and filter medium.

High dust absorbtion capability

Manufacturer's Description

to prevent damage to power plant equipment through dust or other contaminations in the air, air filter is used. The aim is to absorb maximum contamination from the air.

Nano fibers with less thickness and more specific surface than conventional fibers have lots of application in filtration and electrospinning is the most efficient way for production of continuous fibers from synthetic or natural polymers.

Electrospinning is used for more functionality and efficiency of fibers. This technology not only results in more efficient absorption of dust but also doesn’t cause so much pressure loss. Fibers produced by electrospinning have a thickness of less than 100 nm and cover the filter paper surface uniformly.