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Food Supplements Product Number : FGOOD001

Food supplement


- Heal the heart - Stroke - Stomach disorders - Liver disease - Rheumatic disease and gout - Remove and neutralize toxins in the body - Improve the digestive and respiratory systems, disorders acid - Balances hormones - Strengthens the immune system - Anti-tumor / cancer and inflammation - Strengthens memory and concentration - Prevents kidney stones - Normalizes blood pressure - Lowers cholesterol - Increases milk production - Prevents blockage of blood vessels
Improving liver and digestive system function Cholesterol lowering Heart health Cancer therapies Tumors Prevention of blockage of blood vessels Blood pressure control Rheumatic diseases Stomach disorders

Manufacturer's Description

This is a Habbasyifa herbal medicine product from extracts of 100% Black Seed which can be directly consumed and the benefits are felt.

Habbasyifa is Habbasyah  Habbatusauda oil which is processed and formed into capsules and produced by CV Syifa Natural Herbs . Habbasyifa itself was taken from Habbasyi which was obtained from the cold pressure process or the process of applying pressure at the lowest temperature so that it would produce high quality and useful oil.

The use or benefits of this product are so many, you could say that Habbasyifa Oil is one of the multifunctional drugs that can cure various diseases, both consciously, as well as diseases that are not known by the sufferer.