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Textiles coating


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Sealant


Carpets Sofas Curtains Shoes Clothing
Carpet Curtain Shoes Sofas Clothing


Water borne Developed and optimized for highly absorbent mineral surfaces Reduce adhesion of microorganisms and liquids (Coffee, oils etc.) Excellent alkaline resistance Fluorine Free Doesn’t Change the appearance of the Item Easy to clean Reducing Maintenance Costs

Anti-bacterial Activity Waterproof Alkaline resistance

Manufacturer's Description

We as Innovative Nano Technology LLC are proud to announce the launch of our new coating which is regarded
as a Fluorine-Free Textile Coating.
After intensive R & D over the last 2 years, Innovative Nano Technology LLC is now ready to introduce a stunning new
Liquid Glass Textile Coating which, in order to establish resistance to staining from grease and oil is not based on either
erfluorooctanoic acid (*C8) or Perfluoroalkyl substances (**C6). Many experts said that it was impossible to create a
stain resistant and super-phobic coating (resistant to staining from oil and water) without the addition of a significant
amount of either C8 or C6 to the mixture.
Over the last years the market demand for a fabric coating which is free of C8 or C6 increased. This increasing demand
have come from leading retail companies, and those who manufacture clothing, furnishing and technical fabrics. Now
the problem is solved – just in time, as many retailers will stop supplying fabrics coated with such agents in 2016; and
so we as Innovative Nano Technology LLC are now uniquely positioned to support the vast number of clients who are in
need of such a new technology.