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Registration Date 8 Jan 2019
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Alphasoil-06 soil stabilization


Environment Soil Remediation

Soil Stabilizer


Improvement and stabilization of pending soils for all types of earthworks, road construction, embankment dam construction, hydraulic engineering, railroad track construction, landfill construction etc.
Landfill gas pipe lines Earthworks Road construction Embankment dam construction Hydraulic engineering Railroad track


Alphasoil®-06 is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic additive made from monomeric and polymeric amines, which converts so-called "inferior" earthworks materials such as clays and loams into a high-quality construction material. The water-soluble Alphasoil®-06 concentrate as an catalyst, solidifies, stabilizes and hydrophobicized upcoming cohesive soils with high efficiency, without hydraulic binders (cement), without calcium oxides / calcium hydroxides (lime), without enzymes (proteins), without sulfones and sulfates (sulfur-oxygen compounds, sulfuric acids) and without polyacrylic-binder (glue) additions. The cohesive soils treated with Alphasoil®-06, can also cause inertisation and immobilization of contaminated soils. The environmental friendliness of Alphasoil®-06 is confirmed by certified test methods, i.a. according to the guideline OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals "Inherent Biodegradability", proven by accredited institutes in Germany. In addition, analysis results from accredited institutes in Germany have shown that the product Alphasoil®-06 in the added admixture to the soil does not change the assignment values/criteria of the investigated LAGA eluate parameters. Alphasoil®-06 is completely environmentally friendly and ecologically harmless. During the development, the utmost care was taken to ensure that the used chemicals are environmentally friendly and that no contamination of soil, water or air can occur. The product is not flammable and does not release toxic fumes. It can therefore

Non-toxic Soil Repellency Environmentally Friendly Hydrophobe Water-based

Manufacturer's Description

The utmost modern way to save time, material and costs in road construction and soil foundation.

The effect of Alphasoil®-06 can be explained scientifically.

Experts experiences and opinion indicate, that Alphasoil®-06 is functional, works properly and truly environmentally compatible.

It replaces the gravel stones bed of the ground or substructure of conventional roads within a few days.

The result: up to 50% lower costs and construction time. Alphasoil®-06 is absolutely environmentally compatible, very long-term effective in the soil and can not elutriate into groundwater.

Even in the immediate vicinity, there is no indication of any hazardous impact on animals and plants.

Practical examples can be found worldwide. Despite extreme stresses such as earthquakes and floods, no damage has been found in recent years.

Alphasoil®-06 is unique and delivers what it promises ..., efficiently and cost-saving with Alphasoil®-06, the liquid catalyst for modern, innovative, sustainable and environment friendly soil stabilization / soil solidification at in-situ cohesive soils as well at all binding (cohesive) soil materials