Registration Date 10 Jan 2019
Revision Date 10 Jan 2019

Ceramic Anti Fire 200ml


Textile Finishing Agents

Fire retardant spray


Textile products Carpet Curtain Leather Wood


Effect: The active ingredients of CERACOAT Anti Fire are absorbed by the material. They remain inactive, until the material is exposed to a temperature of ca. 250°C. At this temperature CERACOAT Anti Fire is activated and absorbs the heat, acts with an endothermic effect. Fire Protection in the Household: CERACOAT Anti Fire can also be sprayed on thin wood, paper, paperboard and textiles, on all absorbent natural materials. Where fire is prevented from arising, it will not be necessary to clear a developed fire. Perfect protection of Christmas trees. Ceracoat Anti Fire is non-toxic, highly effective, water soluble, colorless, odorless, environmentally friendly, foodstuff neutral, save.

Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Flame resistance Odorless

Manufacturer's Description

For all absorbent surfaces of textiles, suede leather, paper, cardboard, wood. Clothes, household textiles, suede shoes, furniture, carpets, curtains, mattresses, bed textiles, car seats & carpets, car convertible hood.

CERACOAT Anti Fire is a fire inhibitory and fire protecting coating, which can be customized to various materials and products and applied on them.

Ceracoat™ thin nano Ceramic film will protect all your textile (absorbent) surfaces against to take fire, whilst remaining totally invisible! If the coating is not washed away, it will last forever. Once flames occur, it will protect your surfaces to take fire for at least 90 minutes. (international B1 certificate)