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Ceramic Screen Care Duo Bag


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Applied as a liquid means completely ‘bubble free’ protection - Doesn’t impair functionality on Touch Screens - Protection against abrasion - Can minimize the visible appearance of minor hairline scuffs /abrasions - Reduces finger marks - Provides an easy to clean surface - Gives antimicrobial protection - Resistant to both acid and alkaline - Protection against water and humidity (Hydrophobicity) - Protection against oil and oil based substances (Oleophobicity) ASTM CERTIFICATION: The abrasion resistance and antimicrobial properties of Ceracoat Crystal Coating are the key product USPs - supported by empirical evidence. SCRATCH TESTING: Ceracoat Crystal Coating is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Quantitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and proven to withstand up to 56n before showing visible signs of scratching. That’s 600% more resistance than a traditional screen protector. It’s also worth considering that under the same Rockwell scratch test Gorilla glass 3 shows visible signs of scratching at 11n. ANTI-MICROBIAL TESTING: Leading microbiologists have tested the bacteria count on mobile devices and have concluded that mobile phones are highly contaminated with various types of bacteria with high resistances to commonly used antibiotics. Ceracoat Crystal Coating has been certified by the ASTM – E2180 standard which proves that bacteria levels are reduced by 99.9% when tested with Salmonella, Staph. aureus & E. coli on surfaces protected with this coating. Ceracoat Crystal Coating destabilizes the wall of bacterium and so the bacterium can’t subdivide or reproduce.

Fingerprint Resistance Abrasion Resistance Oleophobe Hydrophobe

Manufacturer's Description

Ceracoat Crystal Coating Protection is an innovative new product that uses nano-layering technology to provide a versatile protective coating for all multimedia devices: Glasses, tablet, laptop, desktop, smart phone, TV, camera, satnav, etc.