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Ceramic Anti Odor 200ml


Textile Finishing Agents

Anti-odor spray


Ideal for removing odors coming from garbage, cigarettes, pets, waste bags, sports bags, laundry baskets, etc.
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CERACOAT Anti Odor for textiles is a chemical-free, pH neutral product for the removal of bad odors from organic impurities. This product is used when organic contaminants such as blood, urine, feces, sweat and body odor causes bad smells on textiles. The product also removes odors from dogs of carpets. CERACOAT Anti Odor is not harmful to humans and animals. It has a light fragrance, to ensure the fastest possible effect. This fragrance is reduced in a natural way again. Meanwhile, the microorganisms are dissolving those bacteria that cause the bad smell. FEATURES: High performance, highly concentrated - Researched without animal tests - pH-neutral, no toxic fumes - Safe for skin - Non-corrosive for surfaces - Safe for users, equipment and the environment - Gets no hypersensitivity syndrome - No ingredients of animal nutrient media - Compliance with the EC Directive 648/2004 on detergents - Fully biodegradable - Hypoallergenic, no essential oils - Non-reactive - Globally unique technology.

Antiodor Non-corrosive Biodegradability Chemicals-free

Manufacturer's Description

CERACOAT Anti Odor is very effective in order to eliminate unpleasant odors caused by organic substances. It can be used on all surfaces and for carpets and fabrics.