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HABiol UV wood care oil 5 liter can


Home Appliance Housecleaning

Wood finish


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Wooden surface


Easy to use Low consumption (consumption for initial treatment approx. 1l /15 m²) Extremely short drying time Biological Antibacterial Colour-neutral Long-term stability Suitable for all types of wood and all untreated wooden surfaces Seamless finish UV protection diminishes yellowing, greying and darkening Be convinced by this biological wood oil.

Anti-bacterial Activity UV Protection Durability Easy to Apply Quick-drying

Manufacturer's Description

HABiol UV wood oil is a systematic further development from HABiol. HABiol UV wood oil counteracts the deterioration of wooden surfaces due to sunlight. It significantly reduces damage due to increasingly aggressive UV light.

Not only does it enable effective wood protection, but also conserves the natural colour of the wood at the same time, thus ensuring value maintenance.

HABiol UV is a purely biological and antibacterial natural wood finish used for the impregnation, care and protection of natural wood surfaces in the indoor and outdoor area.

The main components of HABiol UV include cold-pressed linseed oil as well as natural tree resins that soak into the pores of the wood, thus preventing the penetration of liquids and contaminants to a large extent. The deep impregnation maintains the natural character of the wood. Solid wood panels breathe, are not electrostatic and have an antibacterial effect. In addition, solid wood can absorb moisture and also release it again if the humidity is low. This, in turn, ensures a healthy room climate.
Well-impregnated work surfaces increase the service life and conserve the natural character of the wood over the long term.

HABiol is tested according to DIN EN71-3 Safety for toys and according to § 31 of the German Food and Feed Act (LFGB), the permit for foodstuff commodities. This means HABiol can be used without hesitation for childrens' toys and for foodstuff commodities (e.g. wooden cutting boards, kitchen worktops made of solid wood, etc.).
HABiol also increases hygiene, especially in hygienically sensitive areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and nursery as well as for furniture, parquet floors and wooden toys, due to its germ reducing effect.