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B.Richi "THE SNOOZE" 4 Season NANO sleeping bag Peachskin


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High quality and warm hollow fiber thermo filling with 400gr / qm) Breathable, water-repellent, non-sissy peachskin nylon exterior with NANO coating Inner material made of soft and warm micro polar fleece Removable fleece pillow in the headboard lockable inner pocket in the upper sleeping bag interior for papers, Portomonnaie and others integrated and if necessary usable mosquito net in the upper, outer chest area of ​​the sleeping bag (firmly sewn and stowed away "invisibly") Both sides smooth and robust panic zippers with reflective B.Richi zippers Velcro tabs to protect against unintentional opening of the zips during sleep Clip strap and nylon sleeves on the back for securing the sleeping bag to the lounger Easy to clean Wellie-Wipe on the foot part (if the fixation cover is everted) High-quality, water-repellent transport bag made of sturdy nylon with double carrying handle and 2 straps and full zip with reflective B.Richi trailers Transport dimension: approx. 50cm x 28cm Sleeping bag size: approx. Length 220cm x width approx. 105cm x thickness approx. 10cm Weight: approx. 4.1 kilos incl. Bag Temperature range: Well-being range up to 0 degrees / extreme range to -10 degrees

Breathability Water repellent

Manufacturer's Description

The high tech hollow fiber thermo filling guarantees a comfort that is second to none. The lining is equipped with soft and warm micro polar fleece, which is very cuddly.

The outer shell is made of nontoxic, extremely low-noise, breathable yet water-repellent Peachskin nylon. The NANO coating on the outer material ensures that water droplets immediately drip off, preventing them from penetrating the material.

The upper sleeping bag interior has a smaller, lockable bag for papers, portomonnaie and other utensils. Even when sleeping utensils can remain in the bag. They do not bother, because the bag is attached in the upper sleeping bag lid and you do not lie on the utensils.

In the headboard is a separate fleece pillow, which can be opened and removed by a zipper. The Kopteil can be adjusted by a drawstring and adapted to their own needs. Likewise, it can be almost completely closed around the head by the drawstring. On both insides at the level of the neck, so-called thermal bridges were processed. The two sewn in fleece hoses wrap around the shoulder / neck area, so that no heat can escape from the bottom up and no cold air from the outside can penetrate.

In the upper chest area of ​​the sleeping bag, there is a pocket on the outside with an integrated, light mosquito net, which can easily be removed for protection against insects and placed over the head area. The mosquito mesh is about 120cm long and thus ensures that the entire head and shoulder area is well covered. In addition, it hangs down long enough that it is almost impossible for insects to find their way.

The two-sided, so-called "panic" - zippers are smooth, yet extremely robust. They can be secured by a Velcro-fastened tab before unintentional opening in sleep. Behind the zippers inside the sleeping bag there are heat strips that prevent heat loss inside the sleeping bag. In addition, each guide made of nylon, which prevent jamming of the zipper carriage in the fleece material.

The nylon sleeves on the back of the sleeping bag are placed over the head and foot section of the bedchairs and fixed to the lounger with the additional clip strap so that nothing can slip.

The nylon cover at the foot of the sleeping bag can easily be converted into a waterproof Wellie wipe by simply turning it upwards.

The new B.Richi "THE SNOOZE" sleeping bag is available in a 3 Season, 4 Season and 5 Season Arctic version. The sleeping bag is delivered in a high-quality, water-repellent nylon bag, which is equipped with a continuous zipper and two additional clips. The sleeping bag is quick and easy to store in this bag. The bag is water repellent, since it was sealed inside with PVC.