Registration Date 10 Jan 2019
Revision Date 10 Jan 2019

LuxaCore Z Dual


Medicine Dentistry

Restorative Material


NPD Conjectured

Zirconium dioxide

ZrO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-23-4


Cuts remarkably like dentine Exceptionally high compressive strength for enhanced stability Patented nanotechnology prevents particle agglomeration Smoother material with enhanced flow and handling characteristics Film thickness of precision cement Perfect properties, even when used as a post cement More stable, firmer, easier to for


Manufacturer's Description

LuxaCore Z Dual, DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation, provides dentine-like cuttability to ensure a controlled and a precise preparation of the margin. The transitions between dentine and LuxaCore Z Dual is imperceptible and allows for groove-free preparations without any undercuts. 

The ultra-strong, ultra-reliable core build-up material is now made with zirconia.  Its combination of zirconia filler with DMG's patented nanotechnology means it significantly improves strength, flowability and physical properties - it's the ultimate in resin technology! LuxaCore Z Dual also works for your post cementing needs.

The results are excellent fitting, long-lasting restorations and happy patients.

Essential to any core build-up clinical case are post and etch adhesive systems. The LuxaPost composite post and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system provide dentists with all he needs for a stress free procedure.