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Nano sealing glass & ceramics with lotus effect


Construction Masonry Materials

Glass Protective Coating


Glass Tiles Bathrooms Toilets Sinks Ceramic


Minimal consumption of only approx. 5 ml per square meter surface. Free of silicones, wax or oil: For optimum quality of the Nano glass sealant. UV-stable: Sunbeams do not destroy the lotus effect. This makes the glass sealer suitable for use on window panes or solar systems. The removal of dirt and lime is facilitated by about 90%. Long-lasting nano-seal of up to 1-2 years. Our Nano glass sealant is easy to apply to the current state of nanotechnology and even without previous knowledge. (See? First Steps?) Very good lotus effect with water or oil and protection against harmful environmental influences. Nanoparticles are harmless to health when used and when sealed. If you have any concerns please contact our service.

Water resistance Environmentally Friendly Oil resistance Dirt resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Nano glass sealer set with cleaner, Microtex cloth and sponge. The Nano glass sealant is probably the best-known nano sealer with lotus effect by Heureka Nano. The nano sealant can be used on all glass and ceramic surfaces.
The Nano glass sealant (also suitable for ceramics) is the most popular nano sealant from our product range. In addition to the use on glass surfaces, this nano-sealant is also very suitable for all surfaces made of ceramic. These include, for example, in the bathroom the sink, bathtub or toilet. The lotus effectThe Nano Glass Sealer lets water and oil bead off the sealed area. Through this so-called lotus flower effect, the smallest dirt particles, which are difficult to adhere to the surface, are removed. The most common application of Nano glass sealing is probably the shower partition: Only a few drops of water remain attached to the shower enclosure and thus significantly less limescale can be deposited. The use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents can thus be reduced and thus also cleaning costs can be saved. In addition to the use of Nano glass sealing on the shower, the sealing of glass roofs is a popular application area. For window panes of your car please use the Autoglas nano seal with lotus effect.