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Nano disc seal for car glass


Automotive Maintenance

Glass Sealant




Clear view thanks to lotus effect from approx. 70 km / h. Premium nano sealant Ice is noticeably easier to remove in winter thanks to the Nano window seal. Insects are easier to remove from the car window. The Nano disc seal does not streak! Important: Apply nano seal sparingly. Silicone-based products (eg from the hardware store) are increasingly prone to streaking. It only requires about 5 ml of nano pane sealing per m². Less detergent is consumed. The nano sealant is UV stable and free of silicones, wax and oil. Long-lasting nano seal and lotus effect of up to one year or around 20,000 kilometers. Easy preparation of the surface to be sealed by the enclosed pre-cleaner.

Water resistance UV Stability

Manufacturer's Description

With the Nano windscreen seal for motor vehicles, rain puffs off the windscreen and other car windows at driving speeds of around 70 km / h. The reason for this is the pronounced lotus effect of the nano-sealant. Important: The window must be cleaned free of surface before sealing. The cleaner is included in this set.

The Heureka Nano windscreen seal provides a clearer view when driving. This car window seal with the well-known lotus effect is ideal for the windscreen. When it rains, the water rolls off the windscreen at a speed of about 70 km / h and the drops just fly away. The Nano windshield seal ensures more driving pleasure and safety while driving. The wear of windscreen wipers is reduced. The lotus effect of the Nano disc seal also ensures that ice or insects are easier to remove from the windshieldto let. Of course, you can also use the window seal for the rear window or the side windows. Also on the side windows of the lotus effect is very helpful, since the visibility in rain can sometimes be significantly affected. It is possible to apply this car window sealer on other glass surfaces as well. However, we recommend the specially adapted Nano glass seal here.