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Nano-sealing plastic with lotus effect


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Very low consumption of only about 5 ml per square meter. Contains no silicones, wax or oil: leaves no disturbing streaks. The nano sealant is UV-stable: Due to the UV stability, the lotus blossom effect, or the nano-sealing, is not destroyed even under sunlight. This makes the application outdoors possible. Dried dirt can be removed by about 90% more easily. Long-lasting seal of up to 1-2 years. Our plastic nano-sealant is easy to apply to the current state of nanotechnology and even without previous knowledge. (See? First Steps?) The lotus flower effect provides protection against negative environmental influences and thus serves to maintain the plastic. Nanoparticles are harmless to health when used and when sealed. If you have any concerns please contact our service.

Water resistance

Manufacturer's Description

The set of plastic nano sealant is supplied with cleaner and accessories for a successful application. The plastic nano seal with the lotus effect is suitable for all surfaces made of plastic!
 The impressive lotus effect is the key word when talking about a nano seal . In addition to the lotus effect, which, for example, rainwater from the plastic window frame or garden furniture rolls, the Nano plastic seal is also ideal for the kitchen: So flour, butter, oil or dried food leftovers can easily remove from the worktop, so that the cleaning effort significantly reduced . The Nano plastic sealant is food safe in the cured stateand contains no silicones, wax or oil. Due to the nano-sealing in many cases a cleaning with water and it can be dispensed with the use of detergent. Customers who test the nano seal report an average shelf life of 6-12 months. If the lotus effect diminishes over time, it can be quickly and easily refreshed with a very small amount of plastic nano-sealant.