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Textile nano sealant for cotton and leather with lotus effect


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Does not stain textiles or leather. Effective nano impregnation occurs after a very short time. Application on all textiles made of cotton and leather possible. Distinct lotus effect - water and oil beading effect. Breathability of the textiles is maintained despite nano-sealing. Longer durability of the coated surface due to the nano-seal. Facilitates the removal of dirt. Long-lasting nano-seal depending on surface stress up to 1-2 years. Low consumption of only approx. 25 ml per square meter surface. Free from any silicones, wax or oil that can alter the appearance of the surface.

Durability Water resistance

Manufacturer's Description

The textile nano sealant for cotton is a very high quality impregnation with lotus effect. This special textile impregnation is long-lasting and protects your shoes or clothing against moisture. The nano sealant is basically suitable for all textiles made of cotton and does not require special pre-cleaning.

A red wine stain on the white shirt? Water-soaked leisure or sneakers after a short rain shower? Thanks to the lotus effect of the textile nano seal , these problems are a thing of the past. The hydrophobic lotus effect lets water and oil roll off all textiles and leather, providing a nano-impregnationago. This nano impregnation works completely without the addition of silicones or wax, which can change the appearance of the surface. The application of textile nano-sealing is quite simple. Take the Nano Spray and spray it onto the surface to be treated. After drying the nano seal, the full lotus effect occurs. Breathability is very important, especially for shoes and clothing. The nano seal does not affect this. Furthermore, the nano-seal is skin-friendly and leaves no marks on the textiles. Try this special nano impregnation on the tablecloth, the tent or the new T-shirt. The application spectrum of the Nano Spray is huge.

A not quite serious application: Seal your white shirt and then spill a little red wine at the next party. After a short fright, your escort will be amazed by the lotus effect!