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Nano sealing metal & stainless steel with lotus effect


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Less detergent consumption due to the metal nano seal in favor of the environment. Facilitates the removal of dirt and lime. Protects the sealed surface against harmful environmental influences. Reduces the corrosion sensitivity of metal. Retains metal surfaces longer thanks to the lotus flower effect. Long-lasting nano-seal for up to 2 years. Very good beading behavior of water and oil due to the lotus effect of the nano sealant. Nano particles give the surface an easy-to-clean effect. UV-stable and free of silicones, wax and oil. This does not cause streaking. Only about 5 ml of metal nano-sealing per m² are needed. Optimal pre-cleaning of the metal surface by the Nano pre-cleaner.

Water resistance Oil resistance UV Stability Limestone remover

Manufacturer's Description

You get the metal nano sealing set including accessories. With it you have all the products you need to create optimal lotus effect and surface protection with your metal nano sealant. You can apply the metal nano seal on all metal surfaces, including stainless steel, chrome or copper.
 The Heureka metal nano-sealant makes metal surfaces, eg made of chrome, aluminum, brass and stainless steel shine in a new shine and additionally protects against harmful corrosion . Here, the metal nano sealer benefits from the lotus effect known from nature, which simply lets water and oil roll off the surface. Furthermore, the coated surface is additionally protected from harmful environmental influences by the lotus effect and thus remains longer than new. Also, limescale deposits are greatly reduced after applying the metal nano-sealant and the sealed surface can be cleaned faster and easier. So adhering lime can be solved by fittings easierand generally gets more difficult. Further areas of application of the lotus effect nano sealant are hoods, balcony railings, sinks, mailboxes or metal panels from the car, home & garden sector.