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Stone & Wood Nano seal with lotus effect


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The Nano wood sealant is basically suitable for all objects made of stone and wood. Significantly less pollution due to the nano-sealing. Very good water and oil repellency thanks to the lotus blossom effect. Time savings when cleaning soiling. These adhere significantly less due to the surface protection. Reduced moss infestation and thus a long lasting beautiful look. Free from any silicones, wax and oil that can visibly alter the surface. Long-lasting nano-seal of up to 2 years. Approximately 25 ml of Nano Stone and Wood Sealer per square meter surface is required The Nano stone and wood sealant is UV-stable and therefore also very suitable for garden furniture.

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Manufacturer's Description

The Nano stone and wood sealant gives all wooden surfaces the well-known lotus effect. Rain pearls through the nano-sealing and thus also protects the surface against harmful environmental influences. Moss formation or soiling are significantly reduced. The stone and wood nano seal with lotus effect requires no special pre-cleaning.
 The Nano Stone and Wood Sealant is a water-based nano- sealant and therefore very well tolerated by the environment. The coating material based on nanotechnology forms self-organizing non-stick components and gives the surface an invisible layer with a pronounced lotus effect. The Nano Stone and Wood Sealant is versatile in use, even for highly open-pored and highly absorbent wood substrates. The Nano wood sealant protects all wooden objects and keeps them longer than new. Seal floorboards or seal parquet? For the wood seal is suitable! Other common applicationsNano wood sealing is the impregnation of wooden windows, garden furniture or wooden railings. Of course, you can also effectively seal all other wooden surfaces. Next time you paint your wooden windows, just treat them with the nano-seal. Nano Wood Sealer does not require a pre-cleaner and it is sufficient if the surface is free of visible dirt.