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Nano eyeglass cleaner


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Eyeglass cleaner




Anti-fog effect against disturbing fogging of the lenses. Antistatic effect against the adhesion of dust. High quality cleaning. Simple and streak-free application. Lower consumption of other cleaning agents.

Anti-fog Anti-static

Manufacturer's Description

With the glasses cleaner 3-fold you produce on your glasses an anti-fog, anti-static and cleaning effect. So your glasses are optimally cared for. You can also use the eyeglass cleaner for the inside of your windshield or the bathroom mirror.

The Nano Eyeglass Cleaner 3F is a product with the effective triple formula for cleaning, anti-static and anti-fogand thus ensures a modern and pioneering eyewear cleaning. You can also use the Heureka Nano Eyewear Cleaner for many other objects, such as photo lenses or other optical products. The high-quality nano coating protects your goggles and keeps them longer. Especially in special weather conditions, the glasses fogged very quickly, thus preventing the clear view and safety. Prevent this effect with the Nano Spectacle Cleaner 3F and benefit from the latest in nano technology. Even grease deposits and fingerprints are removed without residue by the excellent cleaning power of the glasses cleaner. It creates a clean and streak-free surface, which effectively prevents both fogging and dust and dirt attraction of the glasses and leads to no optical distortions. Hard, antireflective and topcoat coated glasses as well as plastic spectacle frames will not be attacked.