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Fuse P 100 Laufsocken (Damen) *Extra dünn*


Textile Clothing



NPD Conjectured


PTFE Nanofiber CAS Number : 9002-84-0


A very short running sock with left / right design for a maximum fit to the anatomy of the foot. High protection function A plush reinforcement in the toe and heel area as well as the used NanoGlide yarn contribute to the protection against blistering. Special feature of the women variant This version was specially developed for athletes who have a very narrow foot . The heel and toe area is cut narrower than usual unisex variants. The advantage is that the socks do not wrinkle and adapt to the foot optimally. leg height The sock shaft ends just before the ankle. material The following materials were incorporated: 59% polyamide, 39% polyamide nanoglide and 2% spandex.

Durability Quick moisture wicking Friction reduction Blistering protection

Manufacturer's Description

This very thin and extremely breathable sock is specially designed for ambitious runners. The short shaft is very harmonious, especially when wearing short tights.

NanoGLIDE® is a proprietary manufacturing trade secret, uniquely engineered to be 1) Durable, 2) Wick Sweat, 3) Dry Fast and 4) Reduce Friction. Meaning . . . a sock or fabric that is highly durable and breathable for fast evaporation; minimizing friction resulting in fewer hot spots, chafing and a reduced chance of blisters on the skins surface.