Registration Date 11 May 2019
Revision Date 11 May 2019

Active textile coating (spray)


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Sealant


Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


Disinfection Odor neutralization air Treatment self-cleaning UV protection The use of sustainable green technologies in the form of nanoscale titanium dioxide offers a multitude of solutions for current tasks and challenges, eg Algae and moss prevention on buildings and water basins Anti-reflection and self-cleaning for photovoltaic systems Disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes Odor neutralization in hotel and gastronomy Healthy living spaces for allergy sufferers Hygienisation of food businesses and agriculture Air purification in public facilities such as day-care centers and schools Self-cleaning of outdoor facilities, roofs and facades UV protection for sensitive and colored surfaces

Self-cleaning UV Protection Antiodor Algae Resistance Anti-moss Disinfection

Manufacturer's Description

Clean facades, roofs, conservatories and windows - only through the sun and rain. Pollution-free indoor air and hygienic surfaces - only through light and oxygen. No fading of delicate surfaces.

The properties of photocatalytic titanium dioxide are as diverse as they are fascinating. Here is an overview of the properties and modes of action of active coatings, where all the properties presented here are based on the principle of photocatalysis.