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Passive stainless steel


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Stainless steel


The use of sustainable green technologies in the form of nanoscale functional coatings offers a multitude of solutions for tasks in the building and living environment, eg Non-stick coatings for hygiene and wet areas Fouling protection for wood Graffiti protection for components and buildings Impregnations for fabrics Corrosion protection for concrete and stone Salt and alkali protection for outdoor facilities Protection against greases, oils and dirt

Anti-graffiti Salt Resistance Soil Repellency Alkali Resistance Corrosion resistance Oil resistance Dirt resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Moisture, salts and soiling of any kind damage many materials. Almost all surfaces are exposed to daily stress due to many aggressive environmental influences and require care.

Sustainable material and surface protection for almost all substrates is provided by passive systems which generate new and additional properties on treated surfaces. Due to the principle of self - organization the surface gets a new structure through the forming network and effects like

  • against soiling
  • corrosion protection
  • Easy to clean surface (easy-to-clean)
  • wet Weather

The coated surface reduces the contact area, so that secondary substances, such as dirt, can not settle. The treated surfaces are easy to clean and sustainably protected against aggressive media. The applications are very far-reaching and serve a variety of areas of daily life. They are used both in sensitive and heavily frequented places, optically representative areas as well as fields with permanent cleaning effort with the goal of the effort reduction and the Materialschutzes.te quality of life.