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Construction Masonry Materials



The formulated systems are a well-established technology and trade-specific alternative to existing products, such as cementitious and polymeric, as follows: Unique and approved material as a coating and material Label-free, high-performance products Economic, sustainable basis through low-cost recycling materials CO2-neutral products for better function and better environment Change of the conservative market of construction chemicals by forward? integration u. VAT. Regulations (eg Reach, GHS, CO2 emissions trading, etc.) High resistance to temperature, UV weathering, abrasion ,? Acids, alkalis and solvents Crack and shrinkage freedom especially at temperature jumps Dense, thermally and mechanically resistant corrosion protection Free from efflorescence and diffusion Easy to clean surfaces Excellent adhesion due to liquid binder and chemical? Reaction with the underground Excellent environmental and health compatibility through inorganic Raw materials - solvent-free, label-free, positive CO2 balance

Crack Resistance Temperature resistance UV Protection Alkali Resistance Abrasion Resistance High Adhesion Acid Resistance Sustainability

Manufacturer's Description

Nanolamina's silicate technology combines the classic filming known from the polymer coating with the durability of ceramics through the use of inorganic binders. The resulting product series Solidus Solum realizes a variety of application possibilities in construction for up-to-date repair, renovation and new construction, combining excellent environmental compatibility with unique product features. This material features a platform technology that can flexibly adjust the properties of engineering materials and coatings from glassy to silicone-like over a wide range.