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Registration Date 28 May 2019
Revision Date 28 May 2019

NANO paint protection for cars and motorcycles 50 ml


Automotive Maintenance

Paint Sealant


Car paint Motorbike paint Truck paint Motor scooter paint Ship paint
Painted surfaces


Unique properties of surface – hydrophobic effect, oleophobic effect, non-adhesiveness of dirt. "Easy clean effect" due to altered surface tension and invisible thin nano layer. Time saving during maintenance and lower frequency of cleaning. Money saving due to no need of using detergents or car-cosmetics during cleaning Most of the dirt is washed away by rain. The rest can be washed using only water or damp cloth. Long-lasting and easily renewable shiny gloss. High-quality product manufactured in Germany. There are many products on the market pretending to be NANO products even though this is not true. UV-stability, resistance to common chemicals, resistance to road salt, resistance to car-wash brushes.

Transparency UV Protection Water resistance Oleophobe Chemical resistance Dirt resistance Easy-to-clean

Manufacturer's Description

NANO protection of car and motorcycle paint is a revolutionary product, building on the latest knowledge from the field of nano-technology. Your car or motorbike paint will, for a long period, become resistant to water, fluids and other dirt from external environment. . Because of the changed surface tension, these cannot adhere to the surface and their cleaning is therefore easy. Most of the dirt can be washed away by rain. The rest can be removed with a stream of water or a dry or damp cloth.