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Registration Date 31 May 2019
Revision Date 31 May 2019

Biodegrade Cement, Chalk and flour Sack (Yaran Sakhtar Azar)


Construction Masonry Materials

Cement bag


carriage and storage of cement, gypsum and flour
Cement Gypsum Flour Chalk


According to ISIRI 14417 this product is an Oxo-biodegradable woven polypropylene suck for cement, gypsum and flour. Nanoparticles due to a large surface area to volume ratio and high surface energy, as fillers in polymeric matrix, improve the strength and modulus. According to INSO 2972 (Packaging-woven polyolefin sacks – Specification and test method), mechanical properties of the product improves by adding nanoparticles into it. See the following table

Mechanical Resistance Biodegradability

Manufacturer's Description

There is a definite and pressing need for governments, communities and the plastics industry to work together to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment; so they have been producing degradable polymers. OXO-Biodegradable substances convert polymer materials into invisible particles that are not visible to the naked eye, and ultimately become a chemical species that is part of the food chain of soil microbes, fungi and bacteria.

The manufacturer has used cheaper mineral materails to reduce the cost of the biodegradable polypropylene yarn production, that have effect on polymer processing. In the present product adding nanoparticles led to production process improvement.

Ultimately, the Oxo-biodegradable Sack are woven from these Oxo-biodegradable polypropylene yarns.