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Registration Date 20 Jul 2019
Revision Date 20 Jul 2019

Nano Ceramic IR Window Film HP5080


Construction Masonry Materials

Glass Protective Coating


Manufacturer supported with factory prices. High performance window tint film. Quality controlled production. Over 30 years of experience in window film industry. 1PLY window film construction available. Rejects harmful UV rays up to 99.90%. Protected by anti-scratch Coating. High IR protection and Heat reduction. Reduces glare, solar heat and excessive light. Color stable under quality manufacturing process.

Scratch Resistance Transparency UV Protection Far Infrared Protection Heat reduction

Manufacturer's Description

High Performance window film HP5080 is a Nano Ceramic based sun control film. The visible light transmission at 80%, UV rejection at 99 %, IR rejection at 52%; The high transparency and hear rejection resulting a light-blue colored film with crystal-clear appearances. No metal materials added, which has no radio interference with your indoor applications. 

Available in 1PLY structure 1.5mil thickness and covered with anti-scratch coating, It is your best choice to protect your family from harmful UV rays and heat from the sun. Lower glare reflection means high visibility to see through the glass without losing any scenery. we offer you best quality with competitive factory prices. Widely used among interior décor business worldwide and popular among household installations for energy conservation.