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Automotive Maintenance

Glass Sealant


Glass Stainless steel Windscreens


Dirt can be removed more easily. Beading effect.

Thermal stability UV Protection Water resistance Breathability Oil resistance Dirt resistance

Manufacturer's Description

SOLUPROTECT Glas Premium is a product of nanotechnology. It is an intelligent non-stick coating for glass dissolved in ethanol. In addition, the product can also be used for smooth ceramic surfaces, such as glazed tiles, sinks etc. Additionally usable on stainless steel surfaces. Primary areas of use are external solid, glass facades, windscreens, conservatories, etc. In order to produce an inherent cleaning effect, vertical or inclined surfaces with weathering (rain) are required in outdoor areas. Horizontal surfaces or only slightly sloping surfaces in the outdoor area are not subject to any self-cleaning effect, since the necessary drainage of the water is missing. Protected areas in Innenbreichen, eg mirrors, etc., can be cleaned much easier. SOLUPROTECT Glass Premium gives a very good chemical connection to the surface and at the same time increases the surface tension (repelling effect). Such protected areas are characterized by a very good water, oil, dirt repellency. Furthermore, they are largely resistant to many acids, solvents and cleaning agents. It is a UV-stable, breathable, mechanically well-resistant, not impairing the appearance, protective layer is formed. The impregnated surfaces are resistant to high pressure cleaners (50-60 bar) and temperature resistant (-40 to 450 ° C). The curing takes place at room temperature. The cleaning of protected areas is considerably simplified by the non-stick effect. Organic substances, such as algae, moss, etc. can hardly adhere (eg Facade areas) There is a very high level of protection against frost / dew and ice cracking. SOLUPROTECT Glas Premium can be applied to alcohol-resistant, compacted surfaces that have previously been cleaned free of surfactants.