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NP-01 Night & Day


Cosmetics Skin Care

Skin serum


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Pt Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-06-4


Reduces facial expressions and lines Improvement of elasticity and elasticity of the skin Revitalizes dead cells Fights free radicals Achievements already noticeable from the first application Novel and effective dosage form Painful and costly injections are no longer necessary

Wrinkle Resistance Anti-aging Revitalizant

Manufacturer's Description

free with NP-01 Serum with Nano Technology and without injections.

First improvements already visible and noticeable after an application!
A New Dimension in Anti-Aging Research - Thanks to NANO-TECHNOLOGY (NANO PLATINUM SERIES)

A completely new kind of cosmetics in the fight against skin aging. This genuine revolution is comprehensive and unique in its operation. Highly effective NANO-SERUM gives your skin a youthful appearance in a short time with a significant reduction in wrinkles. This type of anti-aging treatment can not be compared with the known methods. This innovative NANO-TECHNIK cosmetic works much faster and can thus, directly in the skin cells to effect a revitalization which repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Even stubborn facial expressions or lines are aggressively combated and reduced.

With the unique development of the SKYN DIRECT SYSTEM, the NP-01 Serum is applied directly to the skin and reaches the skin cells where NANO-COSMETICS can quickly and reliably take effect. After just a few applications, clear reductions in lines and expression lines appear, the skin becomes more elastic and gains elasticity. The anti-oxidative effect and revitalization of dead skin cells rejuvenates the skin after only a few applications.