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Nano Plastic Cleaner Anti Static


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Door Windows Computers Furniture


Highly effective cleaner for garden furniture, doors, windows, keyboard, computers etc Even removes stubborn dirt easily Dust and dirt repellent Sufficient for approximately 70 m² 250 ml


Manufacturer's Description

With the Nano Plastic Cleaner begins a new era the clean. The Nano Plastic Cleaner not only cleans easily, but also highly efficient, all mean that this Unterkommt: Garden Furniture, Windows, Doors, computers, keyboards, and much more. Cleaning is child's play: just apply to the surface to be treated, short wait for and with the included cloth. The rough side of the cloth will accept the contamination can be. For a noticeably smooth surface. The unique nano Plastic Cleaner also removes the toughest dirt such as nicotine and is hinged so it swivels to regular use Grey veil. It he creates through his effect: Anti-static, Dust and Dirt Resistant.The Nano Plastic Cleaner is of course also suitable for the cleaning of varnished wood.Material: Contents: Dry Zusammensetzungfarbe: Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 4.8 Cmnettogewicht: 304 g