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ALPHAZS Skinny Tea Tablets


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Skinny tea tablets


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Hemp oil



Metabolism enhancement Cell Hydration Weight Loss Fat burner

Manufacturer's Description

FAT BURNER- This Natural Weight Loss Supplement uses an ancient Chinese formula of Herbs, Prebiotics, and Amino Acids that have been used for thousands of years for Weight Loss. A refreshing way to Lose Body Fat!
HYDRATING- Not drinking enough water? Drop 1-2 tablets into 16oz of water before each meal. You will be amazed at the light refreshing Tea taste! The Nutrient rich Ingredients and Hydration you get from drinking more Water will Cleanse and Detox your Body!
BOOST METABOLISM- Need an Energy Boost? Our Organic Ingredients have incredible amounts of Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin C. Lotus Leaf, our main Ingredient, has been known to be a Carbohydrate Blocker, Appetite Suppressant , and Powerful Weight Loss Supplement. Suppress Appetite, get an Energy Boost and Lose weight in the most refreshing and Hydrating way!
CONVENIENT- Looking for an easy way to Appetite Control? Slimming tablets will fit into a water bottle on the go for a convenient Energizing way to Lose Weight!
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS- There are 18 tablets in each tube all made from organic Chinese herbs. These effervescent tablets dissolve in cold or hot water for a light refreshing drink or a nice cup of hot tea.