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NanoTech T5 Reflectors


Agriculture Plant Breeding

Horticultural reflector


All T5 lighting fixtures were similar in design; a percentage of light is inactive or lost because of it. Much of the available light was lost because it was absorbed by ballast, as the light traveled upward away from the target area. Recovering this lost light was our primary objective, and once achieved we knew we would maximize the performance of this already outstanding grow lamp. The NanoTech T5 Reflectors placement captures 100% of previously wasted light, reflecting no less than 99% of it back into the target area as high quality diffused light. This diffused light provides deeper canopy penetration for better starts and accelerated growth cycles. The NanoTech’s superior crystal reflective layer surface boosts the overall performance with some outstanding additional benefits: Improved light quality and brightness Increased lighting effectiveness Increased lumen availability Better coverage and penetration of the canopy

Seed Germination Promotion Hydroponic Increased lighting Increased lumen availability

Manufacturer's Description

We introduced SunBlaster Horticultural T5HO lighting fixtures through out the hydroponic and indoor growing industries knowing they would be extremely popular and efficient for indoor growing applications. 

Their simple and effective design made them the obvious choice for so many lighting applications. They have proven to be an industry leader, providing the versatility, reliability and performance that today’s professional growers demand for almost two decades now.

At SunBlaster Lighting we never stop looking for ways to improve performance, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction.