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uPVC Column Pipe


Construction Structural Materials



Transporting potable water for use in industrial and domestic applications. Every Bore Well / Deep Well Submersible pump, require a Delivery pipe to bring water out of Well Irrigation and agriculture. Transport of groundwater for land engineering projects. Transporting processing fluids within industries. To drain out industrial effluents and sewage. Conveying abrasive slurries. Transport, alkalis, acids among other fluids that may be corrosive in nature
Agriculture Irrigation


Column Pipes do not react with acidic & alkalis water Smooth internal surface results in very low Head Loss. Water discharge is more by 10% - 30%. Light weight. Come in standard size of 3 mts. Easy to fit and remove. Do not react with acidic or alkaline water. Have a very long life inside the bore well. Column pipes are rigid with high impact resistance It's smooth wall improve the flow of water by reducing loss caused by friction Special rubber seal is provided with thread to ensure 100% leak-proof joint at high pressure Square threads are designed for holding high loads, these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50 years of use Couples are fitted with pipes and sealing with DUKE SUPERLOCK SEALING SYSTEM to ensure that during installation and removal of pumps, the coupler does not come out & avoid slippage of column.

Energy saving Corrosion resistance Strength Leak-Proof