Registration Date 16 Nov 2019
Revision Date 16 Nov 2019

Interior exterior wall coating- water concrete nano faced concrete painting


Construction Masonry Materials



Suitable for commercial building, civil building, office, hotel, school, hospital , apartments, villa and other interior and exterior walls surface decoration and the protection.


Environmental friendly material, no toxic & odor-free, no pullotion Keep the natural concrete wall effect; and imitate to make the concrete wall effect. Anti-algal,anti-fungal, anti-mildew, alkali-resistant and fire resistant Waterproof, weather and chemical resistance Washable and not fade, good scrub and stain resistance, scuff resistance and durability performance Great adhesion, strong intensity, good flexibility Easy to construction and maintain.

Flexibility Non-toxic Weatherability Alkali Resistance Anti-fungal Activity Fireproof High Adhesion Odorless Chemical resistance Mildew Prevention Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

Interior exterior wall coating- water concrete nano faced concrete painting is highly connected to the structure of organic Silicone, and it has dual characteristics of inorganic material and organic resin, and has unique physical and chemical properties. 

Silicone Resin Concrete Protecting Paint Special Primer is the special primer for  Silicone Resin Concrete Protecting Paint, it can keep the special concrete Finish nature color and design, what is more, it can protect the Concrete Finish very well and make it durable. It is widely use in the Concrete Finish interior and exterior wall, bridge and so on.