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Antibacterial Mini Washer


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Baby washing machine


Washing capacity: 3.2 Kg Dryer capacity: 1.17 Kg Net weight: 11.5 Kg Dimensions: 58*38*65 Available colors: Blue, Pink, White, Red

Anti-bacterial Activity

Manufacturer's Description

Nowadays, the washing machine is one of the main requirements in every kitchen. This device is used to facilitate washing and drying of clothes and includes different kinds. The top load washing machine is one kind of them which is smaller in comparison to front load ones and has less complexity. This kind of washing machines are mostly used for children clothes. Clothes can be added during washing process in this kind of washing machines. Generally, the inner surface of these washing machines is always in contact with bacteria and germ during washing production of this machine the inner surface is made of an antibacterial plastic in order to prevent bacteria growth.

Antibacterial activity is an indicator of the product ability to eliminate bacteria. It is obtained by comparison of bacteria number present on control and nanometric samples after 24 hours’ exposure. According to standard, when the antibacterial activity of the product is between 2 and 3, the effectiveness is good. If antibacterial activity is greater than 3, the effectiveness is intense and strong.