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Antibacterial Socks


Textile Clothing



Manufacturer Asserted

Zinc oxide

ZnO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-13-2


These socks are suitable for preventing unpleasant odor on the feet and especially for people with sensitive skin, athletes and workers.


Anti-odor and perspiration Anti-bacterial Affordable Durable

Anti-bacterial Activity Antiodor Anti-fungal Activity Anti-allergic

Manufacturer's Description

Antibacterial Socks Woven With 30% ZnO Nanoparticles
Most people suffer from perspiration and can't stand it. In addition to causing an unpleasant odor, foot transpiration causes the growth of bacteria and fungi in the fingers and infectious diseases. The warm, humid environment inside the shoe is also a good place for bacteria to grow. Nowadays, due to the importance of the health of the feet, different methods such as using the nanoparticles for socks are considered. Such socks do not cause an allergic reaction and do not harm the human body. Nanoparticles react with the outer membrane of the bacteria, causing structural changes within it and eventually destroying it. Among the various nanoparticles, silver and zinc oxide has attracted much attention because it has been used for medical applications for over a hundred years because of its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. Nanoparticles are contained in the full volume of the fibers and remain active for the entire sock life.
In nano-dimension, antibacterial effect of silver increases significantly, so that they are able to destroy over 650 bacterial species. With decreasing particle size, the release of silver ions increases, leading to increasing their antibacterial activities. Ag nanoparticles interact with sulfur and phosphorus compounds of membrane proteins affecting cell morphology and structure, causing its death.