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Registration Date 27 Nov 2019
Revision Date 27 Nov 2019

Antibacterial Leging


Textile Clothing



Anti-odor and perspiration Affordable Durable Permanent antibacterial activity to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and pathogens and unpleasant odor No use of any chemicals or allergens Suitable for daily use and friendly party Seamless No need to wash with strong detergent

Anti-bacterial Activity Antiodor Anti-fungal Activity Anti-allergic

Manufacturer's Description

Antibacterial Leging Woven With Thread containing ZnO Nanoparticles
Pants are more susceptible to environmental pollution and body sweat than any other clothing. Due to its close contact with the skin and due to the appropriate level of moisture, temperature and nutrients on the surface of the skin, it is usually exposed to germs, bacteria and fungi shortly after use, and has adverse effects including odor, stain and color changing and reduced mechanical strength. Nanoparticles are the solution to this problem. This is due to their large surface area, which can release large amounts of metal ions faster than larger particles in the environment and thus exhibit greater antibacterial activity. The use of nanoparticles in the tissues of female logs, while providing antibacterial properties, improves skin health. Haino women's laging is manufactured with the most modern machines and with the least possible seam.

In nano-dimension, antibacterial effect of silver increases significantly, so that they are able to destroy over 650 bacterial species. With decreasing particle size, the release of silver ions increases, leading to increasing their antibacterial activities. Ag nanoparticles interact with sulfur and phosphorus compounds of membrane proteins affecting cell morphology and structure, causing its death.