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Hydrophobic Spray for Tile and Ceramics


Construction Masonry Materials

Waterproof Solution


Applicable to glazed stone surfaces or low absorbing surfaces to revitalize and anti-dandruff surfaces.
Tiles Ceramic


Appearance: Colorless Specific gravity: 0.85 grams per cubic centimeter pH: 3-4 Coverage: 50 square meters per 1 kg Drying time: 2 hours Solvent: Ethanol How to apply: Spray-brush It has excellent hydrophobicity and maintains surface cleanliness Reduction of capillary water absorption Increasing the effect of water borne on the surface Resistance to water penetration and surface contamination Avoid peeling and absorbing contamination and scaling the surface of the facade Full permeability to the depth of the structure, in fine pores and cracks Easy to run and fast drying Applicable to alkaline materials Anti-algae, moss and bacteria Resistant to various atmospheric conditions and UV rays of the sun For waterproofing and thus protecting stone levels Shelf Life: At least 1 year

Hydrophobe Colorless

Manufacturer's Description

Water absorption by building materials is an important issue which reduces the mechanical and functional properties of the used material and consequently affects facade of the building. Covering building materials like tile and ceramics by hydrophobic coatings reduces water aggregation on their surface and keeps them clean by preventing forming dried water stains on them. Hence, using nanotechnology-based hydrophobic coatings on the ceramic surfaces has developed a keen interest for manufactures and consumers.

Applying nanoparticles on the various surfaces reduces their roughness surface energy and makes them hydrophobic as following table.