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Construction Masonry Materials

Concrete Additive


· Light weight concrete products · Pre cast concrete panels · Lightweight dry wall products · Concrete brick pavers and blocks · Stucco and pre- fabricated stucco panels · Concrete floor and slabs · Light weight concrete statuaries · Light weight concrete roof tiles · Many specialty concrete products · Mortar add mixes for grouts and mortar joints
Cement Lime Quartz Ceramic Gypsum


· Improves green strength · Increase PSI · Increase flexural strength, Compliances with “standard test method for evaluating masonry bond strength”. ASTM C 1357. · Increase compressive strength, Compliances with “standard test method for constructing and testing masonry prisms used to determine compliance with specified compressive strength of masonry. ASTM C1314. · Fast curing and drying shrinkage of concrete masonry unit (CMU). Compliances with “standard test method for drying shrinkage (CMU). ASTM C 426. · Reduces air pockets faster for pre cast systems for smoother finish. · Water permeance of masonry, Compliances with ASTM E and ASTM E 514-74 capable of achieving of a class E rating when test extends to 72 hours. · Improves water permenace of masonry, compliances with “standard test method for water penetration and leakage threw masonry”. ASTM E 514. · Also compliances with ASTM C-1059 type 2, ASTM C 1042 type 2, ASTM 404 size No2, ASTM-C 144, and V.O.C. compliant. · It meets and exceeds compliance test method, ASTM burn test requirements at 2000*F for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour test. · Compliances with UL Test requirements Limitation: Keep from freezing. Store product at room temperature. Do not mix this product with other chemicals only use as directed.

Lightweight Anti-fungus Mildew Prevention Strength Mold Resistant Water repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Catalyst –x The fusion additive is design to use with most cement, lime, gypsum, calcium, ceramics and most lightweight synthetic and mineral base fine aggregates to improve strength, increase water repellency and decrease or eliminate mold, mildew and fungus growth.

catalyst-x is Hi-Tech water base additive is fusion with Nano molecular polymer technology to impregnate in to micro particles of cement, gypsum, calcium, silica, mica, perlites, ceramics, all natural minerals, quartz, ’sand and most synthetic micro aggregates. This technology peermentanly alter the original state of micro particles integrally by reactive fusion technology and enhances their outlook and performance.

catalyst-x is simplified to use with most cement and synthetic dry blends. Use 2fl,oz to 4fl.oz per one pound of dry mix. Catalyst –x is a non-reactive and safe to use in conjunction with most bonding agents and concrete hardeners. Improves moisture requirements while curing. Catalyst-x has time-release mechanism that’s allows precise amount of moisture requirement for initial and final cure. Cured and finish product surface can be painted or sealed with most commonly available products. Also it is safe to use with most mineral base pigments design to use with white or gray cement base products.