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Joint Sealants


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : Iso-Flex 825

Joint Sealant


This resilient joint sealant is used in such widely diverse applications as precast concrete structures, panel joints, retaining walls, control joints and many other building construction applications. Iso-Flex 825 requires no priming on most common construction materials such as concrete, stone, brick, aluminum, etc.
Concrete Walls Joints


Weather Stable: The silyl terminated polyether chemistry provides excellent weather stability, including exposure to UV. Excellent Adhesion: Tenacious adhesion to most substrates requiring no primer. Paintable Surface: Once fully cured the sealant surface accepts most common paint systems. Custom Colors: In addition to 7 standard colors, the sealant can be tint matched to customer provided color chip samples. High Movement: The advanced physical properties of the sealant allow for movement of +100% and -50%. Non-Staining: The sealant is commonly applied to concrete, stone and other surfaces without concern for staining of the substrate.

Weatherability Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Stain Resistance High Adhesion Paintable

Manufacturer's Description

Iso-Flex 825 sealant is a universal grade, general purpose all-weather sealant. The product is onecomponent, non-sag and zero VOC. This LymTal formulated silyl terminated modified polyether incorporates nanotechnology in its formulation that strongly influences the mechanical properties of the material, including elasticity and increased stability. This technology and the advanced performance provided creates a sealant system that may be installed primer-free in most common applications. The rapid curing nature of the system also makes
low temperature installation possible. The unique chemistry of Iso-Flex 825 provides a resilient surface that is less susceptible to dirt
pickup, abrasion and surface cracking. The sealant also provides a high level of resiliency with +100%/-50% movement, and thus will suffer no distortion under repeated movement cycles. This compilation of features makes Iso-Flex 825 sealant ideal for most all architectural finish
treatments as well as all structural sealing requirements.