Registration Date 1 Jan 2020
Revision Date 1 Jan 2020

Decorative Glass Tile


Construction Masonry Materials



Saunas, baths Free space between the cabinets Possibility to use in all or parts of the interior walls Possibility to use in the construction of the kitchen socket or open table
Bathrooms Sauna Free space between the cabinets


Resistant to scratches Suitable strength Transparency with reflection of light and creating attractive view Different colors and designs Ability to apply in different dimensions Simplicity and speed of operation and installation Easy to clean Lifelong color Thermal resistance up to 550 ° C Anti-acid and alkaline materials Contains titanium which is a valuable element

Scratch Resistance Thermal stability Acid Resistance Strength Easy-to-clean Alkaline resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Different techniques such as applying paints and/or using a variety of wooden wall-coverings, as well as traditional and modern decorative ceramic tiles, are used to create a beautiful and attractive view in buildings. A new developed product is decorative glassy tile, which is a good alternative to old tiles and, in addition to the attractive lighting, makes the appearance of the environment beautiful, due to its various color and designs.The space between the cabinets, the small walls and partitions, the walls around the shower and bathtub in the bathroom, the decorative coverings of the columns and the part of the surfaces of the walls, as well as the floor covering, are the applications of these tiles. Applying Nanometric glossy coatings is a new way of producing decorative tiles.